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Hello There! I am Dora, founder of Pet Lover For Life. I am a total sucker for almost all animals. Furry, scaly, feathers, it doesn’t matter. I just fall in love with them so quickly and love to have fun with them!

I want to make them happy and keep them healthy, so here I am!

I also work in  affiliate marketing with Clickfunnels, Freedom Breakthrough, & Wealthy Affiliates. It is truly wonderful not only working from home, but doing things that I love and hanging out with my kids and my pets

Animal Lovers Unite!

I can’t even explain how much Pet Lover For Life bring to my life and hopefully the lives of others! I’ve had pets for as long as I can remember.

My sister had hamsters, we always had a dog and sometimes a cat too! I had friends with lizards, rabbits, guinea pigs and more! (My mom wouldn’t let me have a snake…sigh..)

After a long hard day, there is nothing better than the full body wag of my labs. They don’t care if I made a mistake, feel grouchy or tired, or feel like pulling my hair out. They just love me and I love them right back!

I’m On A Mission!

I would do just about anything for my dog, and I know most others will too!

Having a sister, who is an amazing breeder of labradoodles, I have learned more than the average bear about what is good for puppies and dogs and what you should avoid. I always thought that dogs were either smart, or not. No in between. While they definitely inherit traits you can actually train them to be smarter. Smart dogs are happy dogs!

My Goal

My goal is to help everyone who is interested in having happy, healthy, active pets. There are lots of ways to do that and I’m going to find them! lol

Don’t worry, I’ll share what I find with you! There are so many things out there that are not good for your furry and feathered friends. I thought I would share what is! Of course, I’m sure I’ll end up touching on the things that aren’t so great either, and I’ll share those too.

I did find one fabulous program called Brain Games For Dogs. It actually works, isn’t expensive, and shows you how to train your dog with humane and fun methods.


Just thought you might want to know!

Dora Guldborg


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