Best Toys For A Labrador Retriever

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The best toys for a Labrador retriever can vary from pup to pup. Just like humans, all dogs don’t like the same thing.

Let me say that I know not all labs are super chewers, but mine sure are!

I know that Labrador retriever’s have a soft mouth which makes them the top choice for hunting dogs.

It sure isn’t true for soft toys! There are definitely exceptions, but I happen to have both a black lab and a yellow lab. They are both soft toy destroyers.

Within 10 minutes, they are completely destroyed and there is stuffing everywhere. Add a squeaker and they rip them apart even faster!

It’s actually kind of funny that they are stuffy killers since they are the most loving and snugly labs ever!

Super Chewer – Bark Box

I’ve been buying the Super Chewer Box from Bark Box. I have to say it’s been really good. I can’t say that the toys are indestructible but they do hold up better than any other toys I’ve gotten. The ones that have a fuzzy outside and solid rubber inside get a little messy with my dogs. They scrape of the fuzzy part somehow!

The toys that are a combination of nylon and rubber are great. My dogs always manage to tear the rubber apart, but the nylon part always lasts for a really long time. I believe the last one lasted for more than a month.

The remainder of the toys we’ve gotten have also been pretty good. At least they last longer than 10 minutes! I would say the average lifespan per toy would be about 2 weeks. Of course, you have to remember that not all super chewers are as bad as mine!

Another nice addition to the box is treats every month. We get 2 full sized bags of treats every month and 2 chewy sticks. So far, the pups have loved them.

I really do like that the boxes are themed. It’s fun, at least for the humans in the family, although, I don’t think the dogs really care!


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Personally, I haven’t purchased BullyChews personally. I have talked to several people who subscribe to their plan. I love the BullyChews Promise.

Our promise is to keep every dog and customer happy!

At anytime if your dog / puppy destroys a toy that you have purchased from us, simply email us a photo and we will replace it free of charge!

What I really like is that you just have to send in a picture!. I’ll be signing up for this box too. (My fur babies can’t have too many toys!)

From what I have seen, the toys hold up really well. They are made from nylon, rubber, tough thread or rope. Each Box comes with 2 of them and 2-3 bags of treats. Pretty similar to Bark Box. If you’ve tried them, drop me a comment and let me know what you think!


If you have dogs, I’m sure you’ve heard of the KONG brand. They have those cone shaped toys with a hole in the middle. You can stuff the hole with peanut butter, a dog treat or both! It can keep your dog occupied for quite some time.

They also have the Kong Extreme Chewer. It’s made from an ultra-durable, natural rubber formula. Even extreme chewers have a hard time destroying this toy! I like that it is easy to throw around and play with.

There is also the Kong Club. It’s a monthly subscription but you get more than just toys. It comes with new toys every month as well as treats, recipes and tips. The toys are meant to be stuffed with treats, so it’s nice to get the ones recommended by the company.

The wellness tips are a great addition, and the information is helpful. You will also get a bonus item every month.

I have to say, my dogs were able to tear the Kong Extreme Chewer apart. It did take almost a week, so that’s a bonus. Kong has a 60-day warranty, so if your dogs are like mine, you can get your toys replaced!

Bullymake Box

Here’s another one that my friends have said is great. They customize their boxes to your dog’s size, which is nice. They also have a theme every month which looks really fun.

Each box comes with 3 bags of nutritious treats and 2-3 chew toys. The toys are made from Nylon, Rubber and Ballistic materials and made in the USA.

The treats are made in the USA as well, so you’re supporting our economy. I know it’s not much, but every little bit helps! Let me know in the comments what you think of the Bullymake Box.


There are quite a few choices for your Labrador. Especially if they’re super chewers like mine. I know I love my Bark Box but do plan to try the new ones. I only discussed the ones either I, or close friends have tried.

It feels like there is a new subscription box for dogs every week, so I’m sure there are a lot of other boxes that are fantastic too.

I honestly think that the ones with a warranty are the best choice for dogs like mine. Personally, I haven’t found anything that my dogs can’t destroy over time, but at least some of them last a couple of weeks.

I know it can be messy cleaning up all the pieces, but chewing is important for our dogs. Puppies need to chew in order to alleviate pain from incoming teeth.

Older dogs benefit from chewing as well. It helps them to keep a strong jaw and clean teeth. It can also help to calm anxiety and frustration.

I know how much my dogs love it, even if it doesn make a mess for me. They are so worth it! If chewing helps them out, then I’m fine to clean up the mess. We help each other. I get unconditional love and they get to be happy and healthy!

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